The petition

Should be a personal need or longing, whether spiritual or temporal, intended to help the priest in his unique task of saving souls.

Request for prayer from Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the children of the foundation of Nen Déu in Barcelona, 7 November 2010:

“Dear children and youth, I say goodbye to you thanking God for your lives,so precious to His eyes, and assuring you that you occupy an important place in the heart of the Pope. I pray for you every day and I ask you to help me with your prayers to faithfully fulfill the mission that Christ has entrusted me with”

Other examples of requests made by priests:

“to be a holy priest”, “that I´ll be a good priest for my parish”, “to give abundant fruits of conversion through my ministry”, “to be able to study hard this year”, “to always love Jesus dearly ”, “to be able to discern God´s will”, “to be of great help to people through sacrament of confession”, etc.

Frase Yo Rezo