Mossèn Salvador, Girona

I am delighted with this initiative. It really helps and encourages me in my vocation and ministry. It’s lovely to have such fun and hardworking helpers. They pray, and their families pray, furthermore their prayer really shows. It is like winning a new family. I feel required by their effort and commitment, they are very faithful and God really listens to them.

I can see how God and the Virgin Mary bless the homes where they pray for priests. They pray with the heart. I learned again to pray like a child and to put my life in God’s hands with the simplicity of a child and therefore, as a child. It has helped me to open a path of humility in me and to appreciate the prayers received.

I thank God and all who have promoted this initiative. I thank also the four children that pray for me.


Father Juanjo Calles, Salamanca Diocese

I thank God the Father for letting me know I’m in His hands, every day, from dawn till dusk. I thank Jesus for He has called me to share with Him “hardship of the Gospel”(2 Tim 1,8). I thank the Holy Spirit for surrounding me with a chain of prayers-witnesses that, like Moses in the mountain, they help me, day after day, to fight Amalek, Devils’ figure, and defeat him when I lean on the prayer: “It happened, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed”(Ex 17,11).
I’m convinced that behind every priest an army of prayers sustain, accompany and defend ministerial work and spiritual health of the priest. Always knowing yourself wrapped up and comforted in the pastoral task, by the silent and intercessory prayers of so many angels, helps me to undertake daily ministerial tasks with a renewed hope.

I’m a witness of the fruitfulness and spiritual good intercessory prayer from kids and youngsters does in favour to the particular intentions of priests. I have my personal prayer. He prays for me every day, voices The Father those pastoral projects that I hold in my heart and which I let him know for him to intercede for me before Our Father of Heaven. Supported by this invitation from Jesus: “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven”(Mt 18,19), both of us, my young personal prayer and I, united in the same prayer, sharing the same passion, we have seen in these last two years how specific petitions presented to The Father, He has get them through.

Prayer is a powerful arm that God the Father has put in our hands; Jesus has shown us how to practice and the Holly Spirit whispers to us daily like smooth host of our soul. Without prayer there is no spiritual life and without spiritual life there is no fecundity neither existential saintliness. Without prayer there is no passion and without passion, without evangelizing zeal, there is no mission. On the contrary, without prayer, there comes resignation in the pastoral life. Prayer can do everything, just like Jesus has assured: “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain: “Remove hence to yonder place”; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. (Mt, 17, 20)

The army of children and youngsters that pray in silence for the intentions of their priests are like the grain of mustard, almost imperceptible, but with such fecundity that “when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the heaven come and lodge in the branches thereof. (Mt 13, 32). Yes, plenty of birds in heaven and plenty of people around us benefit from spiritual gifts thanks to the intercessory prayers from this army of prayers-witnesses. I thank Our Father for all of them and especially for my praying angel.

Clara, Sant Cugat del Vallès. 11 years old

It all started on October 12 2010, festivity of our Lady del Pilar, when our parents told my three brothers and I priests are in great need for help and prayer. They said a friend of theirs had had a very interesting idea: every child would choose a priest and would pray for him and for his intentions and would compromise himself in this prayer for a whole year. The idea captivated me from the beginning: we would be some kind of a guardian angel for that priest, but kids; we would be his “guardian kid””.

My brothers and I started to think of all the priests we know and things got messy. We wanted to choose them all, for we love them so much and appreciate all we receive from them.

Finally we made up our minds and I chose parish Alfons. From beginning I wanted to pay him back for his help. So I called him and told him my plan: from that day I would pray for him and for the intention he required. He seemed happy with the idea and asked me to pray for a very specific intention. In order not to forget his intention, I decided to come up with a prayer:

“My Lord and My God, please protect parish Alfons and help him to live his priestly mission with humility. I also beg for …. (here I say our secret intention). Thy will be done”.

Every morning, when I attend Holly Mass with my family I say this prayer. At school, when I visit Jesus in the tabernacle, I say this prayer. At night, last thing before I go to bed, I say this prayer at the foot of the Cross.

Moreover, when I say the Rosary with my family, I like offering a decade for parish Alfons and his intention. My brothers do the same with their priest.

Last October 12 2011, one year after our start, I called parish Alfons and asked him if he wanted to change his intention. He agreed and also told me he was very happy and thankful for my thoughts towards him.

I thank my parents’ friend for her idea and I think all children should choose a priest and be their guardian kid. Priests baptised us, we receive communion from them, they confess and they are always happy and ready to help us. We have this easy and beautiful way to repay them for their love.

Mn. Ignasi Condal Elies, Terrassa Diocese

At present, three children have compromised to pray for me every day for one year. It’s a grace, a miracle, it makes me feel good knowing that things don’t only depend on me because I’m sustained by prayer and by the love of families and children. God gives us a “terrible” job for its dignity and nobility for what I need to beg for strength to succeed.

It also makes me feel humble and confident knowing fruits from my priesthood are not dependent only of my prayer and effort and they don’t belong to me anymore but they are a grace of everyone and of the communion. I realize children are very open to receive the Kingdom of heaven, they are closer to God for their simplicity, they are unspoilt to faith…

Thank you kids, thank you families…keep praying.

Frase Yo Rezo