Questions and answers

Which priest should I choose?

The one God places in your heart.

Could be the one you know better, or on the contrary the one you see lonelier. Perhaps the one that gave you your first communion, your local priest or the one that just left the seminary. It is a good occasion to pray for a priest with whom you don´t agree much. Remember that you are not better for being praying for him, it is your prayer that is good.

What to pray?

The Church recommends the rosay, as the prayer most dear to the Virgin Mary.

If the child is too young it might be better to pray only one part of the Rosary. If he has siblings they could take turns to guide the rosary, when is their turn to start the Hail Marys they offten pray with more attention and intention.

When to start?


Tell your priest your intention to pray for him as soon as posible. If you don´t see him often, ask for his telephone and call him. Until he gives you a personal petition, pray for him to be a holy priest. We all need to be holier.

The priest asked me to pray for the Pope, for the vocations,…

Tell him you will pray for it anyway, but make it clear that with this initiative you want to get from God a special grace that will help him in particular.

Insist him to formulate a personal petition that reflects a personal longing or need that may help him in his vocation and apostolic work.

I am a priest, and I would like to have a child praying for me.

Print the initiative and explain it to the more active people of your parish so they can spread it among the different catechesis groups and families. Surely one will come soon to you with the prayer offer.

Or, dare to ask one directly. You have the oppotunity to choose the child or young person to pray for you. Explain the initiative to him/her, surely he/she will feel honored to be chosen by you. Print one of our prayer cards, it will be easier to explain.

Frase Yo Rezo