I pray for a priest proposes:

1. Children and young people to choose a priest to pray for him every day for a year. After a year, the child or young can decide to choose to pray for another priest, should he consider that he is in more need of his/her prayers. The adults who wish to do so, can also join this iniciative.

2. It is important the child or the young tells the choosen priest that he/she is going to pray for him every day, for a whole year. If the child is too young to do so, the parents will communicate it to the priest.

3. The priest must think what he wants the child or the young to ask God in his behalf specifically. The petition must be based on a personal need or longing that may help him in this unique and generous task of saving souls. Ex: “to be a holy priest”, “to receive God´s peace”, etc. The priest can change his petition if his needs change or if he receives what the child has prayed for.

4. The prayer will be done with the family, if possible. Every child, young person and adult will present his/her own intentions which will include the priest´s petitions. Afterwards, they will all pray together with the heart, with love, for all they have asked for. Do not forget to pray for the Pope and to give thanks for everything the Lord gives us every day.

5. In order to make your prayers more effective ask the Virgin Mary, on the first day, to always raise your petitions and prayers to God.

Frase Yo Rezo