That´s how it started…

This initiative is the result of a family´s experience, it is a tested initiative.

Every night before going to sleep, the family gathers around a crucifix to pray. In turns, the children and parents make their requests to God. Afterwards, they pray a part of the rosary for all those intentions. The personal petitions are a good reflection of their concerns, desires and needs. It helps everyone to be aware of the needs of each family member.

The parents realised the special fervor with wich their children pray when they ask for an important need for others. For example: for an unborn baby to whom they have predicted some problems, for a friend of their parents suffering from cancer, etc. Children can realise how important are their prayers in this cases and their prayers become serious and sincere. The children are aware of actually being helping others with by praying.

During the priesthood year 2009-2010, parents became aware of the lonliness of many priests and asked the Virgin Mary to be able to help them. One day, they decided that each family member would choose a priest to pray for him for a year. The petitions for their priests were most diverse “ that he will allways want to be a priest”, “ for him to go to heaven when he dies”,… The family decided, in order to make a better use of this prayers, that each one would ask his chosen priest what he wanted him/her to ask God in his behalf specifically.

The benefits were so abundant for every one, that the priests and the family felt the need to transmit it to other families. Since then, doors have been opening everywhere to spread this initiative among friends, prayer groups, religious associations, schools, church groups, parishes,etc..

It is our intention and hope to support and assist priests around the world through individual and personal prayer of christians around them. We encourage people to make their´s this good cause and print and distribute this prayer cards.

Frase Yo Rezo