This generous initiative, for its power and simplicity, is called to give abundant fruits and be a great source of grace.

1. The child and the young will learn to communicate with God on a daily basis. God listens and speaks in the prayer.

2. This responsability will make the child understand that what he is doing is important. Someone counts on him and his prayers. This will help him/her pray with the heart.

3. The priest will count with a little, but powerfull, spiritual helper who will intercede perseveringly for his needs befote God. What a present!

4. Many of the things that he/she will asks for, will be granted. Thus he/she will see the miracle of prayer. For this reason it is important to ask for concrete issues.

5. New bounds of friendship are created or reinforced with the priest. This is absolutely beneficial for all: the child, the young , the familly and the priest.

This friendship is specially important to young people. They will be close to a ministry of God in a crucial time of their lives.

Frase Yo Rezo