¿What is a priest?

A priest is a man, called by God, who has given up everything to save people like you and me.

Aware of the solitude in which we have abandoned many of our priests and seeing how overloaded of work they are, “I pray for a priest” proposes, especially to children and youth, to choose a priest to commit to pray for him every day for a year.

The priest according to his personal needs or longings will formulate a petition that may help him in his apostolic work. The child or young will pray for this intention every day for a whole year.

The fruits of this initiative are being so abundant for every body: the priests, the children, the youth and the families that we want to encourage you to join it and spread it among your friends, schools, universties, prayer groups, etc.

We want to support and help priests, all over the world, through the powerful prayers of children and young christians around them.

Make yours this good cause, print and distribute prayer cards of “I pray for a priest”.

Frase Yo Rezo